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Sunday, January 07, 2007

well rested...

My husband Liam and I have just come back from some time away. It was a lovely holiday, nothing overly special, but a time to stop and be together, a time to stop and relax without the need to be anywhere!

I am feeling remarkably refreshed and renewed. I am feeling ready to face a new year of new challenges and new adventures!

Liam has been reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer and he has been reading some of to me. (I know it's slack!! I'm not a heavy reader!!)
Bonhoeffer has been discussing the Sermon on the Mont. What a challenge!

"Love your enemy" says Jesus. Bonhoeffer reminds us that this love isn't just being superficially poliet - but a deep sense of compassion towards our enenies (the same love we have for ourselves and our friends)!

What a challenge! A challenge that I have failed many times. As I came to the realisation that the love that Jesus talks about is so deep that I cannot understand it, I came to realise how much I need God to show how to love and to create this love inside me. For I will not possess this love in my own doing, it must come from God.


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