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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Creating home...

We had our first full week in Footscray this week. I am still on holidays from work, so I have had plenty of time for just "being" and the flexibility to do more than I might in a usual week.

It is nice to have most of our stuff unpacked and not be living out of a suitcase, I feel like I can settle in and begin to make this place my home. I now have some idea about where places are and am getting to know people in the community, well at least at a surface level.

Church was a challenge today. We were talking about giving/sharing, in the context of a parable in Mark, "Jesus feeds the 5000" Someone was sharing about how they were trying not to buy anything new, but to buy something second hand (Obviously, staple items such as food, they bought new)

Their motivation for this was to help minimise the consumption of things in our world and reduce the need for more "stuff" to be created. It is a challenge to me. I don't go and buy new stuff all the time, but I do buy new things without even thinking if I could get them second hand. It has made me stop and consider how much I consume and how sustainable it is.


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