my minds journey

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who is this God?

It was mentioned at Church on Sunday that our understanding of who God is directly shapes our response to God.
On reflection I came to realise that the image we have of God will determine our thoughts about God, the world our response to mission, to the environment, other people.
It was a challenge to me to consider what my image of God is and how this image influences how I live and respond to God.
Part of the challenge is to examine what forms my image of God and how I have come to create this image.

Another interesting thought I have pondered this week... Seemingly unanswered prayer.
We consider Jesus prayer the night he was crucified, "take this cup from me..." An unanswered prayer, if you believe that Jesus was crucified and died. We often come to God in prayer frustrated when we don't get an answer, or the answer we were hoping for. There is something to that, the fact that Jesus prayed and did not receive an answer.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Creating home...

We had our first full week in Footscray this week. I am still on holidays from work, so I have had plenty of time for just "being" and the flexibility to do more than I might in a usual week.

It is nice to have most of our stuff unpacked and not be living out of a suitcase, I feel like I can settle in and begin to make this place my home. I now have some idea about where places are and am getting to know people in the community, well at least at a surface level.

Church was a challenge today. We were talking about giving/sharing, in the context of a parable in Mark, "Jesus feeds the 5000" Someone was sharing about how they were trying not to buy anything new, but to buy something second hand (Obviously, staple items such as food, they bought new)

Their motivation for this was to help minimise the consumption of things in our world and reduce the need for more "stuff" to be created. It is a challenge to me. I don't go and buy new stuff all the time, but I do buy new things without even thinking if I could get them second hand. It has made me stop and consider how much I consume and how sustainable it is.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

well rested...

My husband Liam and I have just come back from some time away. It was a lovely holiday, nothing overly special, but a time to stop and be together, a time to stop and relax without the need to be anywhere!

I am feeling remarkably refreshed and renewed. I am feeling ready to face a new year of new challenges and new adventures!

Liam has been reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer and he has been reading some of to me. (I know it's slack!! I'm not a heavy reader!!)
Bonhoeffer has been discussing the Sermon on the Mont. What a challenge!

"Love your enemy" says Jesus. Bonhoeffer reminds us that this love isn't just being superficially poliet - but a deep sense of compassion towards our enenies (the same love we have for ourselves and our friends)!

What a challenge! A challenge that I have failed many times. As I came to the realisation that the love that Jesus talks about is so deep that I cannot understand it, I came to realise how much I need God to show how to love and to create this love inside me. For I will not possess this love in my own doing, it must come from God.