my minds journey

Friday, December 29, 2006


Liam and I had dinner with my Grandma (Gran) and My Great Uncle (affectionately know as Gruncle Ron), it was a lovely meal. As the dinner progressed we moved into a time where Gran and Gruncle Ron began to reminiss events from their childhood.
It was a lovely time of sharing, one of those moments I value.

"You must be tired of hearing our ramblings" Gran commented, but I felt quite the contrary, I really value the stories she has to share. They form part of my heritage not only on a broad scale, hearing about life before cellotape and plastic bags, but also on a personal level, hearing about the cockatoo that flatly stated to the milkman, "No milk today."

These stories are memories of those who have gone before me and I hope to pass these stories, along with my own to the generations that follow me. It is through these stories that the memory of those we have loved continue to live in our hearts.

A time of storytelling around the table after a good feed (care of my husband a great cook!) is a time more precious than gold!

Reflecting further on the stories we share between generations leads me to recall the stories of the bible and how they were originally shared through stories told to each other, perhaps recalled after a good feed. Stories that brought hope and revelation of who God was. Stories that shared the life of Jesus, God incarnate.

Stories past down generations that form the basis of a community of faith that continues to evolve and deepen.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

hello... goodbye

Life can be measured by how well we welcome and let go...

Life is full of comings and goings, we move through many stages over our lifespan. Childhood to Adolescene, Adolescene to Young Adulthood, Marriage, Becoming a parent, Becoming a parent with adult children, Working, Retired, Elderly and that's just a few!

Today was a day of change for me, well I guess it is a signifcant day amoungst the change.
We are moving house, not just house, but suburbs.

Most significantly it means leaving friends and an adopted family that I have made in the place I have called home over the past three years. It took me a long time to make this place home. But now that I am leaving, I realise how precious this place has been to me. I have been truly blessed by the people here and I am truly sad to leave. I will miss them a lot!

I feel excited about my new venture, the opportunity and the new challenge. As well as feeling slightly anxious about what lies ahead or me. But my anxiety is calmed as I remember my motivation for change, it is what I feel God has called me to.

A time of mixed feelings, of deep sadness of what I leave behind and of excitment of the opportunities!

So as I let go of this part of my life, I welcome something new...