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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Toss the feathers!

So today I bought some songs with the itunes card Liam gave me for my birthday, I got my favourite song of all time, "Toss the feathers" by "The Corrs" I enjoy their music, especially the instrumental ones.

I am hungry.... I am on the 40 hour famine.

On Tuesday in class we discussed the importance of basic needs. It is only when our basic needs are met that we can start to look at the "big ideas." In class we were considering the importance of basic needs such as being fed, having rest and having companionship. Three very basic needs, yet it is these needs that can open the gateway to meet the "big" needs.

Right now, I can vouch for the fact that my hunger is clouding how I feel. I feel tired, in fact lethargic, my head hurts and my stomach groans. Yet this is daily a reality for so many people in our world. I know that there is a time limit on this, I take much relief in the fact that tomorrow lunch time I will have food. I have thought (a lot) about what I will eat, and I am counting down the hours.

Yet for some people this feeling has no time limit. It is endless, an everyday a struggle to fulfill these basic needs.

Thinking of that makes me stop and think what a complianer I am... I have missed two meals today and I'm tired. I can walk to a tap (two steps away) and have a glass of water - but not everyone can.

I'm now listening to "Born to Try" by Delta Goodrem, .... " you gotta make choices... be wrong or right, sometimes you gotta sacrifice the things you like...but I was born to try" The words are quiet appropriate. Sometimes you do have to sacrifice the things you like.... maybe I can't overcome poverty, but I was born to try my best in my little corner of the earth!


  • I like this post. I think it's very interesting and so true. It's so easy to think of yourself or your little world and forget of all the poverty-stricken people half way across the other side of the world. We don't like Pizza Crusts, so we throw them out or give them to the dog...a pizza crust could be only HALF as good as what some people eat. And it's not just talking 3rd world countries, its the US too, Mexico and stuff. But it's still so easy for us to complain and still so hard to come to the reality of it without witnessing it firsthand.

    By Blogger charlotte, at 1:11 pm  

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