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Sunday, August 20, 2006


So today at church we talked about community....

We all drew a garden that represented our community. It was good because everyone got involved in the discussion and everyone has some really good stuff to say.

I think we identified that a good community needs trust and honesty as well as forgiveness.

I think it also needs love, I guess part of love is trust, forgiveness, honesty and grace.

Someone reminded us of the bible verse that says, the wounds of a friend are better than kisses from an enemy.
This is so true, a friend speaks honesty in love... they do this because there is trust in the friendship.
While an enemy will let us go on our way not caring if we are going in the wrong direction.

Someone else mentioned that sometimes this confrontation is hard, yes I agree, I myself do not enjoy confrontation.
However, I do think that part of a true friendship is trust and part of trust is faith, faith that we can share honestly with our friends.

Obviously we are looking at an ideal community situation, however, none of us are perfect so the community will never be perfect. Maybe what we can do with our Christian community to make it unique is find ways of working through these imperfections together.

It seems strange but most of the best things and most fulfilling things in life will come out of something hard.


  • Mmm...always something of use to say! :p You are suptacular! Love u!

    By Blogger charlotte, at 1:13 pm  

  • Hey mel,

    I really liked that tree activity (is that spelt right??) I think it was really good how every one shared... Even though some (me) arenmt so good at drawing the concept of all our pix were clear... really AWES!

    That bible verse, honestly i have never heard of it before... so for me, that was not a reminder but a new statement, i have heard things simialr and shrugged them off, i guess now again i have heard it...

    Like you said in the car last night (monday)... Different people telling me the same thing, whether iwant to hear it or not... i kinda have to accept that it may be true! (unfortunatly for me!)

    Well... i havent got much more to say.. but this is a really good distraction from my maths lol:P

    i hope your right, and that together as a christian (church) community we can work though these imperfections, we can over come the 'fear' (dunno if thats the word) of confrontation, ect.

    Also... i like your last statement, something i have heard from different people, said in a different context, but all meaning the same thing... really good!

    Nomes is right... you do always have something of use to say!

    Luv ya
    Luv Talz

    By Blogger Talz, at 1:27 pm  

  • That was great Melissa! Thanks for sharing all of that. I really really enjoyed reading it. I am so pleased to hear the things that are going on at Greensy :-) Miss seeing you and Liam and everyone at Greensy.. must visit soon. Rach.xo

    By Anonymous rach, at 10:51 pm  

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