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Saturday, August 26, 2006

How much would you pay for eternal life?

I read in the paper today about an Australian biologist who is planning on building a cryogenics centre to freeze the dead, apparantly it would be the world's third centre. They freeze the bodies with the plan to bring them back to life when the technoligy is available. A few thoughts come to my mind....

Firstly, what if they don't get the technology? (well I guess you are no worse off)

Second, what about the grieving process? How do the family grieve?

This leads into my thrid question, Is this desire to be frozen and brought back to life (extending ones life, maybe the concept of living forever) related to a need we have as humans to live forever?
For example, Christians believe in heaven, Some people believe in reincarnation, while others believe their spirits keep living through their family.

Forth, would anyone with a faith do this?

Fifth, When would you bring the person back? (For example, at what stage of the future?)

Sixth, When does it stop? Do I just keep getting frozen every time I die or when there is no cure for a sickness I have?

Seven, I think the rich would be the ones to afford it, so would the poor die out while the greedy rich continue to overconsume?

Linked to question seven, Eight, Do we have to stop having children because all the old people who don't die have filled up the population? Where will all these frozen people go when the earth's resources are used? Mars, until that planet is destroyed, then the next?

Nine, How is our spirituality related to this?

Ten, Who decides if you are "worthy" to be brought back to life? How do you fit into life in a new world?

Anway, just my questions. I can't say I am really in favour of the whole thing.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


So today at church we talked about community....

We all drew a garden that represented our community. It was good because everyone got involved in the discussion and everyone has some really good stuff to say.

I think we identified that a good community needs trust and honesty as well as forgiveness.

I think it also needs love, I guess part of love is trust, forgiveness, honesty and grace.

Someone reminded us of the bible verse that says, the wounds of a friend are better than kisses from an enemy.
This is so true, a friend speaks honesty in love... they do this because there is trust in the friendship.
While an enemy will let us go on our way not caring if we are going in the wrong direction.

Someone else mentioned that sometimes this confrontation is hard, yes I agree, I myself do not enjoy confrontation.
However, I do think that part of a true friendship is trust and part of trust is faith, faith that we can share honestly with our friends.

Obviously we are looking at an ideal community situation, however, none of us are perfect so the community will never be perfect. Maybe what we can do with our Christian community to make it unique is find ways of working through these imperfections together.

It seems strange but most of the best things and most fulfilling things in life will come out of something hard.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Toss the feathers!

So today I bought some songs with the itunes card Liam gave me for my birthday, I got my favourite song of all time, "Toss the feathers" by "The Corrs" I enjoy their music, especially the instrumental ones.

I am hungry.... I am on the 40 hour famine.

On Tuesday in class we discussed the importance of basic needs. It is only when our basic needs are met that we can start to look at the "big ideas." In class we were considering the importance of basic needs such as being fed, having rest and having companionship. Three very basic needs, yet it is these needs that can open the gateway to meet the "big" needs.

Right now, I can vouch for the fact that my hunger is clouding how I feel. I feel tired, in fact lethargic, my head hurts and my stomach groans. Yet this is daily a reality for so many people in our world. I know that there is a time limit on this, I take much relief in the fact that tomorrow lunch time I will have food. I have thought (a lot) about what I will eat, and I am counting down the hours.

Yet for some people this feeling has no time limit. It is endless, an everyday a struggle to fulfill these basic needs.

Thinking of that makes me stop and think what a complianer I am... I have missed two meals today and I'm tired. I can walk to a tap (two steps away) and have a glass of water - but not everyone can.

I'm now listening to "Born to Try" by Delta Goodrem, .... " you gotta make choices... be wrong or right, sometimes you gotta sacrifice the things you like...but I was born to try" The words are quiet appropriate. Sometimes you do have to sacrifice the things you like.... maybe I can't overcome poverty, but I was born to try my best in my little corner of the earth!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

no... I'm not talking about you!

Beware the scattered mind of melissa at the present time:

->My pet hate, being lied to! It is something that arouses frustration inside me that I just can't seem to overlook.
In some of my life situations, it is inevitable that I will be lied to, sad but a fact of life. I know I should accept it - but it really makes me angry. Especially when all you want to do is help someone or when you know the lie is only going to make life worse for them. See that is why it is so weird that I get so very frustrated, in reality the lies that I get angry with do not usually effect me. My life is not really any different if they tell me the truth or not. But the other person's life could be, and often their life is effected by the lie in a negative way. It may be positive or safe in the beginning, but the truth is that it will hurt them in the end.

I think that when someone lies to me I get upset for the following reasons:
* It insults my intelligence!!
* It is hurting them (usually I only get upset if someone I care about lies to me).
* I am powerless to help
* The person is not being genuine with me
* It reduces trust in a relationship

So... I am currently working on letting it go!!!!! Not being frustrated when I am lied to.

-> A constant tension for me is that of "being professional" and "being Christian" - So yes I studied Social Welfare and I was taught about professional boundaries, we went over the concept of burnout. I am aware of the need to leave work at work and have home at home. But my understanding of the Christian faith is that I am called to do "the Christian thing" in every aspect of my life. I am called to love beyond a professional love. I am called to be open and in an equal relationship with people - genuine friendships, not ones built on professional boundaries. Yet it is still necesary for me to have a space, a space for me and for my marriage. How do I reconcile these values?

-> In pastoral care we discussed motivation for helping: One thing that I have stopped and considered is that "I help for the title" Now this is a concept that I guess I have been fighting in part. I wanted to work in the community services field because I have a desire to help people, I have a deep concern for those who are hurting. When I found myself spending most of my paid hours of work in administration I became very frustrated. Yes I am engaged in work in community services but it is only on a casual or voluntary basis. So when I am meeting new people or catching up with old freinds, the question always comes up..."What do you do?" "Where do you work?" I hate this question. For me, my paid work is a way of living! It means I can pay the rent, eat etc. But is does NOT define who I am. For me, who I am is more closely tied to the other parts of my living. Yes I am upset at times that I have not got a job doing what I love or enjoy, but I think the fact that I haven't has allowed me time to find out that a job title shouldn't define who I am. But the question "What is my motivation to help?" still stands and is one I think I should always be asking.

-> God can be quite strange I think. I just don't understand him, I just don't get it. Anyway I hope I get it soon. Or maybe I won't, which is highly likely.