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Monday, April 17, 2006

need for sleep...

Just got back from easter camp, long weekend!

It was a good weekend but full on. We took 11 young people, and I think that they all had a great weekend!
I had a very busy weekend with the girls, but it was fun, the girls are probably glad to get away from me nagging them to go o bed!

An issue that has really been brought to the front of my mind again is how much value girls place in guys and their affection. I heard it said and saw it happen, that girls wanted a guy to feel loved. It caused many fights between the girls and resulted in many hurt feelings and I am sure more will come as the young people go home. Why do these young girls find belonging in the arms of a teenage boy, something so flippant. Their worth should not be found here!

I fear that some of them don't realise that beauty isn't defined by how many boys like them or think their hot, but beauty is based in them as people. Extravegant Love was the theme for the weekend, it was talked about a lot and I do feel that the message got through. However some girls still find their worth in the views of others, the change won't happen in one weekend. When will they find contenment within themselves? When will they know firsthand of God's amazing love for them.

Now before I start sounding all hypocritical and stuff, this is something that I still struggle with. I'd like to point out that people can preach to me and state to me that I am valuable to God and that I am worth something, I can hear and know it, but my attitude won't change until I experience it. Until I learn for myself where my worth should come from. Hence why I think to myself, how do we encourage these girls to know their worth. It ain't going to happen in a sermon, it's a process. Where to start this process I am unsure at the moment, exactly how to go about it I am not sure. But I do know it needs to be done. As I continue to find contentment in myself I will seek ways to share my learning with the girls I am around.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

still here

I haven't posted for ages!
Just so busy, work 6 days this week and uni 1 & 1/2 days. Assignments due. Lots of outh stuff happening, easter camp coming up. Netball, bible study, body jam! Busy!!
Uni is good though, very interesting!! Learning heaps!