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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

another year has began

my minds journey: January 2006

A new year brings with it new beginnings, new challenges, new hopes and new ambitions.

For me this year has brought with is something new. 2005 was a big year and I learned so much, I feel like I am finally ready just to sit back and live out what I am learning. It will be a year where I try to put my beliefs into action.

I have come to a place in my life where my whole world view has been thrown upside down and out the door and now I am left looking at a thousand pieces, ideas, convictions, and expectations. This year will be about putting this together so I can seen it more clearly.

God has shown me life is not about attaining but about the journey. I have come to realise that for me life was very much about setting goals and achieving them, chasing a vision and seeing it come to fruition. Which is great! But what I see now is that I became so caught up in the end result that I missed the journey.

Recently my husband Liam and I went to Wilson's Prom, during our stay we went for an hike sealer's cove. Now I am not a hiker and this was my first overnight hike. During this walk I made a deliberate choice to enjoy the sights as I walked, to soaked in the smells and look with awe at the sights around me. As a result I had a wonderful time! It was so freeing just to enjoy the moment. It is with this attitude that I will attempt to approach life with this year.

I am studying theology part time while working part time. I look at this study as an opportunity to grow personally and spiritually and am looking forward to the journey of personal growth.

So thats my intention this year, I hope I have the ability to follow it through!

Introducing Melissa

My name is Melissa... I am married and attend the Salvation Army.